Hanami Festivals

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Asia, Japan

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  • Anyone traveling to Japan in the springtime is sure to experience one of the more exceptional natural events in the seasonal calendar. Hanami, or flower viewing, is the annual Japanese custom of enjoying the blooming foliage after the winter weather subsides. While hanami specifically refers to the blooming of cherry blossoms, many plan events around the one to two week period where nature flourishes with color and fragrances.

    While cherry blossoms bloom throughout the country, there are a few cities and regions famous for their hanami festivals. The castle town of Hirosaki, which holds the Sakura-matsuri festival, is one notable Japanese city famous for its bountiful cherry blossoms that draw people from both near and far. Also, travel to the center of the Nara Prefecture to find Yoshino-yama, a mountain with over 30,000 cherry trees that is considered to be the best viewing spot in all of Japan. Or make a trip to the cherry blossom viewing tunnel at the Japan Mint in Osaka, where every April the grounds are open to the public for one week so that visitors may enjoy a prime view of their cherry blossom trees. Over 100 varieties of trees bloom at the Japan Mint tunnel, giving visitors the opportunity to distinguish between the various sizes and shapes of the flowers. Finally, if your trip leads you to Tokyo in the spring time, explore Ueno Park where 1,200 blossoming cherry trees burst to life. 

    Most of them are held between March to May, though other regions have them in January, February, and June, based on their location. Festival dates are usually determined with reference to cherry blossom forecasts and vary from year to year.

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