Safari in the Parks of Tanzania with Alaitol Adventure & Safaris

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Africa, Tanzania

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  • Just imagine, how in the rays of a morning sun a slim figure of a spotted giraffe appears and, wiggling, slowly comes close… to you. Horned antelopes are sweeping over nearby, and flamingo beautifully bend their neck and flap wings, forming a huge pink cloud. All this is a just a vague description of what a real Tanzanian safari is.

    Pristine nature is beautiful in its diversity, and can impress even the most inveterate travelers. Stripped zebras, majestic elephants, cheetahs, spotted hyenas and horned buffalos – all these you can see in Tanzania.

    Just come here, and, perhaps you will be lucky to see lion’s hunt for antelopes or birth giving of a baby elephant. It is a completely different world, wild and beautiful, where you can be in the shoes of explorers and see exotic wild animals in their natural habitat.

    To make your safari experiences full of pleasant emotions only, we will accommodate you in the comfortable camp/ lodges located amidst savannah. You will also have an opportunity to test our newest Toyota Land Cruisers with pop-up roofs  made in 2015 equipped with radio stations, photo/video chargers and  GPS tracking . And our professional safari guides will be finding animals for you and telling about unique wildlife of Tanzania.

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General Information
Type of Activity: Trips, Tours & Safaris
Activity: Wildlife
Area: Africa
Country: Tanzania
City: Arusha
Address: Njiro Block C1 street
Company: Alaitol Adventure & Safaris
Phone: +255 769 336 731
Email address:
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