Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas

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Caribbean Islands, Bahamas

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  • Stuart Cove’s Shark Adventureä is a 2-tank dive program which introduces thrill seeking divers to wild sharks and provides you a close up look at these magnificent and mis-understood creatures.

    There are currently four sites where we dive with the sharks. You will dive either the combination of “Shark Wall” and “The Arena” or the combination of “Shark Wall North” and “The Runway”. At either location you will encounter a gathering of Caribbean Reef Sharks on a consistent basis. 

    Your first dive with the sharks is along a magnificent wall where the sharks swim calmly along with the divers in a non-feeding environment.  Your second dive is on a large sand patch where the group kneels down in a semi-circle and watches our Divemaster feed the sharks off of a long pole.  Dozens of 5-6 foot Caribbean Reef sharks swim amongst everyone and come within touching distance of all of the divers (although no touching is allowed!).  A video and photos are taken of each dive, and are available to watch and purchase once back at the dive shop.  High quality digital prints are also available for purchase.

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General Information
Type of Activity: Water Sports
Activity: Diving & Snorkeling
Area: Caribbean Islands
Country: Bahamas
City: Nassau
Address: Southwest Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas
Phones: 800-879-9832 / 954-524-5755
Fax: 954-321-6580
Email address:
Social Networks:
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