Bali Local Surf School

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Asia, Indonesia

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  • We teach you surfing in its integrity and make you ride blue and green waves all by yourself! We do not guarantee your whitewater takeoff in the first lesson, but teach you step by step from the base to be a surfer in tune with the ocean!

    The best way to get started is in a safe and easy environment.

    Our ISA (International Surfing Association) certified surf instructors take care of you and make sure you get started the best way, teaching you the right technique from day one and correcting you when it is necessary.

    Based on 8 years of experience, we teach you surfing from the base:
    1 - Explanation of the spot with focus on currents, shorebreak, sets, lull, and the area to be or not to be in
    2 - Paddle technique in flat water, paddling through whitewater, catching the first whitewater and riding it on the belly
    3 - Takeoff in the whitewater, riding it straight, start doing turns, safety aspects of how to fall and resurface
    4 - Identifying the peak of a wave, catching a green wave, takeoff on a green wave, the basic bottom turn
    5 - THE BIG DAY: Surf etiquette, understanding the rules of priority, catching the first real wave out the back
    6 - Riding a wave independent from the coach, enjoying the ocean, surfing

    Our teachers, guides and coaches are not only trained by the ISA, the International Surfing Association, but also international standard certified surf life savers under continuous training. We make sure you learn surfing in the safest possible environment.

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General Information
Type of Activity: Water Sports
Activity: Surfing
Area: Asia
Country: Indonesia
City: Canggu
Address: Jl. Pura Batu Mejan, Echo Beach
Company: Bali Local Surf School
Phone: 87761200600
Email address:
Social Networks:
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