Everest Three Pass Trek

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Asia, Nepal

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  • A large number of trekkers surge each year to Nepal on edge to experience the heavenliness of the world's most raised zeniths and in light of current conditions. The country offers endless decisions and open entryways for examining the highest point of the world. One of the freshest courses on the Nepalese trekking menu is a champion among the most troublesome and remunerating of the country's genuine courses.

    The not creatively named Three Passes trail in Sagarmatha National Park develops the standard Everest Base Camp out-and-back to make an amazing circuit trek that traverses 5,300 meters. Past the essential trail, the trek offers access to much all the additionally staggering vistas of Everest and other 8,000 meter peaks through a group see centers and short side excursions.

    A considerable number individuals handle the Three Passes trek counter-clockwise. This course makes for a less requesting approach to manage each of the three goes, with the closest tea houses discovered significantly closer to the base of the passes when moving nearer from the east. Unless you like starting long treks up 5,000 meter goes neglectful in beneath zero temperatures, I unequivocally recommend taking after the circuit counter-clockwise.

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Datos Generales
Tipo de Actividad: Viajes, Excursiones & Safaris
Actividad: Montaña
Continente: Asia
País: Nepal
Ciudad: Kathmandu
Dirección: Thamel Kathmandu Nepal
Empresa: Himalayan Trekking Alliance
Teléfono: 9841971585
Correo eléctronico: himalayantrekkingalliance@gmail.com
Web: himalayantrekkingalliance.com/everest-three-pass-trek/
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